History of SMS (25 Years Celebration)

First text Message (SMS) was tested 25 years back by Neil Papworth on 3rd of December-1992. Message was sent from a computer to a cell phone of Vodafone director Richard Jarvis. This was a beginning of a texting future. It then took a time to enable texting as a service across the globe. Alone in US as per current stats 781 messages exchanged over mobile networks. In Pakistan the service was launched as free complementary service and users were encouraged to maintain some balance to exchange unlimited messages on net this helped mobile operators to grow in number of subscribers.

Texting has influenced communication and with the passage of time it has become the users 1st choice of communication. Initially the 140 characters were allowed in a message but later own this limit was upgraded to 160 characters.

With the growing business needs multiple solutions designed and implemented for business promotions and customer support, initially there was either less or very low check and balance on such services, but now PTA is taking strict actions against spam and fraudulent activities operated using SMS/test services.

It took years to make sms practical for users then next level was picture as message and MMS then invention of smartphone raised this facility of texting to the next level in the form of whatsapp, imo and many other services like this changed the whole texting word. Whats app by itself was delivering 55 billion messages per day, facebook Messenger, Apple’s iMessage are also the stake holders for this texting future.

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