21st Vice Chancellors Committee Meeting

Universities Heads Repose Confidence in HEC Policies for Promotion of Higher Education


Lahore, January 4, 2018: Vice Chancellors of a large number of public and local private universities reposed their confidence in the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan during 21st Vice Chancellors Committee Meeting held here on Thursday.

The meeting, chaired by Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Chairman Vice Chancellors Committee, was attended by Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC and a large number of Vice Chancellors physically and through video conference. The meeting was held to discuss governance and quality of higher education in universities and their affiliated colleges.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Masoom Yasinzai briefed the Vice Chancellors about the purpose of Vice Chancellors Committee meeting. He appreciated the Senate Standing Committee for calling Vice Chancellors in a provincial consultation seminar.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed said the Vice Chancellors are the major stakeholders of higher education sector and the meeting of universities heads have great importance in terms of development of the sector. He said HEC accords high importance to governance and quality of educational institutions and their affiliated colleges. He said despite having made significant development in quality of teaching in universities, there still remains a lot to correct. He stressed the need to set up Quality Enhancement Cells for affiliated colleges to monitor and ensure their performance.

He revealed that this is high time to take the higher education sector forward in Pakistan and strengthen universities with, of course, strong accountability. “Our priority has to be working for development of higher education sector,” he emphasised. He affirmed that the sector’s development over the past 15 years has earned Pakistan good name across the world. Mauritius, Bangladesh, Belarus and many other countries have requested HEC to help them set up their higher education bodies on the pattern of HEC, he informed. “The higher education sector lacks nothing now, but teamwork,” he said, adding that HEC fully advocates national integration and harmony through education.

The Chairman pointed out that the second biggest problem facing the higher education institutions is liabilities i.e. about Rs. 450 billion in lieu of pension fund. He urged the universities to have actual studies conducted in order to find out a viable solution to financial issues of pension that many universities were beset with. He assured that HEC will extend all possible assistance in this regard.

During the course of meeting, Vice Chancellors expressed their confidence in HEC and appreciated its vision and the support that HEC has been extending to higher education institutions since its inception. They also shared problems facing their respective universities. To this, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed assured them of HEC’s support. “HEC is committed to facilitation of universities,” he underlined.

Vice Chancellors from Balochistan said “We are making progress owing to the judicious and generous support of HEC”. They observed that Balochistan was not ready for a provincial HEC and asked for at least 4-5 years to build capacity to take the responsibility.

Vice Chancellors from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that the credit for the current state of universities in the country goes to HEC. They said the 15 years of HEC speak volumes of the Commission’s success and role in development of higher education sector. They admired HEC for judiciously distributing funds among all the universities. Vice Chancellors from Sindh also expressed their views on the developments taking place in the higher education sector and shared issues of their respective universities.

Vice Chancellors also spoke on the need to continuous support by HEC as it was uninterrupted and forthcoming. They appreciated role of Higher Education Commission in providing a vision and support for the development of universities through policy guidelines for academic.

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